LINK’D was founded by Awa Soumahoro as an undergraduate at Brandeis University. Awa started making skin care products for herself because she struggled to find products that worked for her skin. She started making products that targets issues we face every day such as blemishes, dryness, oiliness, and discoloration. 

LINK'D is a nonprofit enterprise with the unique quest of empowering women in West Africa and America through production, sale and use of natural handmade skincare products and most importantly, education. 





Growing up in the Ivory Coast, Awa was aware of the gender inequalities that women faced in her country.The gender inequality is even more prominent in education, leaving more than half of the male population educated compared to just a third of the female population.


In 2018, she had the opportunity to go back to the Ivory Coast to work . While there, she mentored young women in the neighborhood and schools, she met girls who were extremely brilliant, filled with dreams paired with schools that are extremely under-resourced. These schools had no windows, small overcrowded classrooms, no bathrooms, and definitely no cafeteria. Some girls in the neighborhood had never been to school but dreamed of becoming doctors, teachers, designers, and much more. 


That is when she fell in love with the idea of creating a business that could make a difference in the World.  The issue at hand is to provide every little girl with her basic right to education, to read, and to write by providing her with the basic school furnitures, such as backpack, books, pen and mentorship. 




LINK’D is a global brand, so we care about the global community. We are aware that our business is responsible for making a change in the communities in which it benefits from and make profits in. Eventually , our beneficiaries are the small women-owned businesses and producers who will receive a fair price for their service and our consumers who will have access to clean, natural,  and high-quality skin care products that’s loving to their skin and most importantly meet their personal needs.